I created the music on Garageband on my iPad and put the film together with iMovie.
Most of these photographs were initially colour images but I chose to go the mono route for the film. I think it adds a cohesive vibe and adds to the feeling of sadness. I love photography without people but here, although they are peopless scenes, you can somehow feel the past lives of the lost inhabitants. Who stood at this window, who sat by that hearth.... and what were their dreams, their dramas?
The house stands alone on the heath. No road leads to or from its door, the door that grumbles on one rusted hinge. Tatters of rotted cloth wave from glassless windows at passing sheep and clouds. Upstairs a single bed teeters at the shattered boards promises to join the choas below... just one more gale, when the last slates will fly up like a courtroom of angry cards!  
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